Three Characteristics to Look For in a Toy Advertising Agency

The toy industry is competitive and fast-moving. Finding the right toy advertising agency is essential for success. These 3 characteristics of a great agency will help to narrow down the choices.

Advertising toys in this millennium is a tricky business. The key demographic are children who do not consume advertising like children have historically, nor do they participate in the newer types of media the way that adults do.

According to some studies, the average American child receives $6,500 worth of toys in his or her lifetime. The American toy industry’s market share in 2019 was a whopping $27 billion. Finding the right toy advertising agency is essential to being successful in the competitive toy marketplace.

What makes a great toy advertising company and how is it different from another kind of advertising company? It boils down to 3 main skill sets.

1) Experience

Most advertising agencies have experience with products and services aimed at adults. They know how adults consume media and how to reach them. Kids, on the other hand, are not just miniature adults. Kids consume a lot of media, but in much different ways than adults do. A great toy advertising company has experience with understanding how to reach the kids in the target demographics.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 American households with children do not subscribe to traditional cable services. That leaves a lot of children not being exposed to commercial blocks that are aired on kid-centered cable networks. So where are these kids being exposed to toy advertising? A marketing agency with experience in toy advertising understands how kids think and where to reach them.

2) Creativity

With children having fewer eyes on traditional television programming, toy advertising companies need to find new ways to expose children to their client’s products. From shows and movies that star the products to pop-up advertisements in app games, toy advertising companies need to stay on their toes. Toy influencers on social media are gaining popularity. A good toy advertising company employs a team of creatives that can think outside the toy box to reach their target audience.

3) Enthusiasm

Great toy advertising agencies are full of enthusiasm. They can think like kids while still getting the job done. Genuine understanding of their young audience’s point of view is essential. Great toy marketers know what the kids want, what they want to see, and where they’re going to see it.

Toy advertising agencies are able to capture the excitement of their products and their young target demographic. Partnering with the right toy advertising agency can take a product from the back shelf to front and center at the toy store.

The best agencies not only are enthusiastic about the products and brands they represent, but they’re enthusiastic about the relationship they have with the toy manufacturers. They are eager to work hard through all stages of their contract. Great toy advertising agencies are enthusiastic communicators and planners as well as being great at implementing those plans.

It is important to consider and compare potential toy advertising agencies’ experience, creativity and enthusiasm. A great agency will be able to excite the demographic, find creative ways to reach them and have the connections to make it all happen.

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